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School Advisory Council

The intended function of the School Advisory Council is to provide all stakeholders an opportunity to actively participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of the school’s needs and identification of resources.  

Each School Advisory Council shall assist in the preparation and evaluation of the school improvement plan required pursuant to Florida Statutes. The School Board requires that the SAC membership is representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school, the Board may appoint additional members in order to achieve proper representation. 

Each School Advisory Council shall define adequate progress for the school and for each school goal in the school improvement plan. 

Each School Advisory Council shall provide input into the school’s educational plan (School Improvement Plan) and budget. Each School Advisory Council shall approve all expenditures from the Educational Enhancement Trust funds (lottery funds) allocated to the school. Prospective members must be nominated and elected by their peer groups:

  1. Parents must be elected by parents.  
  2. Students must be elected by students.  
  3. Teachers must be elected by teachers.  
  4. Education support employees must be elected by education support employees. 

For more information, please read and review the SAC Handbook.