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What does PTSA do?

A portion of our dues help support public education legislation at the state and national level. At the school level, we provide teacher support through Teacher Appreciation events.

What are PTSA goals for the next year?

We hope to raise money through dues and sponsorships to provide grant opportunities for classrooms and student organizations. We would like to create a better sense of “community” for the Workman Jaguar parents.

What does PTSA require from me?

Your support through membership dues is greatly appreciated. Participate in PTSA meetings, held just 4 times a year…invovled parents can help build a better school atmosphere. Consider serving on the PTSA board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, & Hospitality). Save your BoxTops!

Tell me more

PTSA is not your elementary PTSA. We don’t have major fundraisers. We don’t have carnivals and festivals that require hours of manpower. We are parents invested in our school and interested in making a difference, big or small.