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Our Namesake

Professor John Hunter Workman

J. H. Workman Middle School was founded in 1963.  It was named after Mr. John Hunter Workman, a leading educator of the South. Born, May 16th, 1875 in Southside, Tennessee, Mr. Workman is now identified prominently with education in the state of Florida.  He demonstrated at an early age his interest and desire to teach.  His varied talents in all fields of academics earned him a scholarship to attend college.  During his notable teaching career, he served as president of the Florida Education Association, a member of the Commission of Institutes of Higher Learning, and the Southern Association of College and Secondary Schools.  Later in his career, Professor Workman served as principal of Pensacola High School and taught at Pensacola Junior College. He is best remembered for his influence and commitment in advancing the growth and educational opportunities of the City of Pensacola.  His high education standards and unwavering spirit were directly responsible for yearly increased enrollment and successes of our area schools.