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Physical Education & Health

Fuel Up to Play 60 Grant: ESOL and PE



Physical Education Grade 6

MYP Level 1


MYP Aims and Objectives

In the 6th grade, students will learn physical education terminology and demonstrate their use of knowledge, explore movement composition and compose aesthetic movements.  Students will then link those movements into an aesthetic sequence.  Students will also learn, demonstrate, apply, and perform skills tests from various sports.  Finally, students will learn social skills and personal engagement.  All IB units and lessons will be closely aligned with district learning schedules.


Physical Education Grade 7



MYP Aims and Objectives

In the 7th grade, students will demonstrate an understanding of concepts, strategies, techniques and rules related to a variety of physical activities, and apply them in various contexts (team sports).  Students will compose aesthetic movements.  They will apply tactics, strategies and rules in both individual and group situations.  As for social skills, students will show respect and sensitivity to their own and different cultures and take responsibility for their own learning process and demonstrate engagement with the activity.  All IB units and lessons will be closely aligned with district learning schedules.



Physical Education Grade 8

MYP Level 3


MYP Aims and Objectives

In the 8th grade, students will find their optimal level of fitness; learn the ability to reflect critically on all aspects of physical education, including being a critical performer.  Students will use their knowledge of team sports and apply them to international sports, to include Olympic events.  In movement composition, students will link movements to compose aesthetic sequences.  Students will perform movement concepts and sequences of movement in a variety of physical contexts.  Finally, students will reflect critically upon their own achievements.  All IB units and lessons will be closely aligned with district learning schedules.




MYP Assessment Criteria

The IB assessment criteria include 4 areas to follow:

            Criterion A:  Use of knowledge

            Criterion B:  Movement composition

            Criterion C:  Performance

            Criterion D:  Social skills and personal engagement

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