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Moultrie, Maria (850) 494-5665 ex.282 6-7 Personal Development
Nehring, Kevin ELA 7/8
Ordonia, Kathy (850) 494-5665 ex.226 ESE Clerk
Pearson, Tommy In School Suspension
Petersen, Courtney (850) 494-5665 ex.272 ESOL
Powe, Carmen (850) 494-5665 ex.222 Guidance Counselor
Reinhardt, Linda ESE Teacher
Ridings, Pamela (850) 494-5665 ex.268 6-8 Design (Engineering & Robotics)
Riutta, Vanessa (850) 494-5665 ex.297 7th Civics and 8th Individuals & Society
Robbins, Sheri (850) 494-5665 ex.227 Guidance Secretary
Roblyer, Hollye 6th - Language and Literature
Sanders, Kevin (850) 494-5665 ex.240 6-8 PE
Santos, Vanesa (850) 494-5665 ex.264 Tech Coordinator
Sessions, M.Ed., Milagros (850) 494-5665 ex.269 ESOL Grades 6-8
Skelton, Nick (850) 494-5665 ex.255 Science 7/8
Smith, Chrisilla 6th - Mathmatics & Reading
Smith, Torin 7th - Individuals & Society (Civics)
Speer, Pam 6th - Reading
Sprague, Joe (850) 494-5665 ex.240 I AM Teacher
Sturgeon, Traci (850) 494-5665 ex.232 Administrative Secretary
Swearengin, Zenda (850) 494-5665 ex.248 6-8 Arts - Chorus
Tate, Laura (850) 494-5665 ex.286 ESE/ Learning Strategies
Ursrey, Traci (850) 494-5665 ex.223 Principal
Wisdom, Jennifer (850) 494-5665 ex.241 6-8 Band
Wise, Kathryn 7th and 8th Math
Woody, Lisa 8th - Design (Business Ed)
Yelder, Vicki 6 Reading
Young, Emma 7th - Design (Business Ed), Student Government, Cheer Coach