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Innovation Center

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Role in Language Policy

Innovation Center 


The Media Specialist, Mrs. Audrey Booth is IB MYP trained, and the Innovation Center plays a pivotal role in the support of student language development. The Innovation Center is home to one of our four computer labs on our campus. Teachers from all subject areas reserve time to conduct research for class assignments and projects. Mrs. Booth collaborates with teachers to develop learning experiences that foster language skills development by acquiring supplemental resources to all subject areas to be used in teacher’s MYP units of study. As students conduct their research, they are introduced to the Approaches to Learning (ATL) skill under Category III: Research of creating a bibliography in APA style. A brochure is provided to each student that has examples of how to document most common sources in the bibliography and promote the ethical use of information from a variety of sources.


Our Mission Statement


Our mission in the Workman Middle Media Center is to support and enhance reading, research skills, information literacy and instructional needs of our staff and students and to support Escambia County School District curricula, and the IB Middle Years School program. The goals of our program are to collaborate with educators to design learning experiences to ensure intellectual and physical access to information is a wide variety of formats, provide instruction to stimulate students’ interests, and to foster competence in reading, viewing, evaluating information and ideas. Finally, to foster collaboration with our educators to design learning experiences that meet the individual needs of our students.


Innovation Center Goals Past and Present.


We have maintained a dedicated IB library with over 500 titles. This offers ESOL students as well as to the general population a multitude of literature for those interested in exploring other cultures and gaining access to information in a wide variety of formats and languages. Another goal of the innovation center is to promote every aspect of language development by providing intellectual development. The center initially attempted to include magazines in different languages. The specialist ordered People magazine in Spanish, Latina magazine, China magazine and Ebony. However, these were not reordered because not only were they rarely read by students, but they often had content that was inappropriate for middle school readers. Instead, the collection was expanded to offer magazines that contain global content on inventions and trends that is necessary to pique the interest of the students. Examples include Smithsonian, Technology of Your Time, National Geographic, and Alternative Press.





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Online Bibliography Maker

Online bibliography maker

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