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Individuals & Society

Humanities Grade 6

MYP level 1


Aims and Objectives

In the 6th grade, our goal for Humanities/Geography program is developed to facilitate students to

            A. discover the environment and its impact on the Earth and its people

            B. categorize their spatial awareness at local, regional, national, and global levels through

                a variety of sources and assessments.

            C. examine, classify, calculate, explain and relate, to allow students to comprehend the

                role of space.

            D. appreciate and benefit from the study of geography in an increasingly co-dependent



Humanities Grade 7

MYP Level 2


Aims and Objectives

MYP Humanities aims to encourage students to respect and understand the world around them and to provide a skills base to facilitate further study. This is achieved through the study of individuals, societies and environments in a wide context: historical, contemporary, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological and cultural. Students gain and develop knowledge and conceptual understanding as well as the skills of research, analysis, interpretation and communication, contributing to the development of the students as a whole. 


Humanities Grade 8

MYP Level 3


Aims and Objectives

MYP humanities aim is to increase student’s familiarity with American History from pre-Colombian through 1877.  Students will study events, but they will also learn how the concepts of time, space, change, and global awareness influence the changing face of this country.  This course will continue to emphasize general researching and presentation skills including how to ensure that your work meets the academic policy.



MYP Assessment Criteria

The IB assessment criteria includes the following four areas of interaction

Criterion A: Knowledge and Understanding                      

Criterion B:  Investigating          

Criterion C:  Communicating                

Criterion D:  Thinking Critically