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J. H. Workman Middle School

  • SUITE 360

    Dear Families,

    We know that there is more to succeeding in school and life than academics. Just as important, is a student's ability to understand themselves and others and make responsible choices. That's why this year in Research class, your child will participate in the Suite 360 program that is designed to help them develop and maintain their social and emotional learning. The program curriculum consists of short lessons delivered to students each month on internet connected devices. Each lesson in the curriculum might include videos, games, quizzes, and articles that help students: 

    • Understand and manage emotions
    • Set and reach positive goals
    • have and show empathy toward others
    • Build and maintain positive relationships
    • Make responsible choices

    Please follow the link below to access suggested ways for you to reinforce the learning at home

    Code: Escambia


        What is the MYP Community Project?

    Congratulations! Your child is about to embark on the culminating activity of his/her IB MYP education. The Grade 8 Community Project is a major activity for students to complete in year three of the MYP program at Workman Middle School, as required by the International Baccalaureate Organization.


    During the course of this minimum, 15-hour project students will independently propose, plan, implement, and present a project that serves a need in a community. Completion of the Community Project is a requirement for all 8th graders as a condition of receiving the IB MYP Certificate as well as participation in all 8th-grade end-of-year activities.


    The Community Project focuses on the concept of community and service. It gives students an opportunity to develop an awareness of needs in various communities and address those needs through service learning. As a consolidation of learning, the Community Project engages in a sustained, in-depth inquiry leading to service as action in the community. The community project is completed individually or in groups of a maximum of three students.


    The choice of the topic for the project is made in consultation with a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor has the responsibility for supervising the development of the project according to the assessment criteria based on International Baccalaureate Organization guidelines. Students work on their Project from October-January, meeting with their advisors on a monthly basis to complete each phase of their Project. Students will present their Community Projects in January to their advisors and a panel of judges. The 25 highest-scored projects will be presented at the Community Project Showcase in February.


    Visit our school website and Facebook page for more information about the 8th Grade Community Project and how you can support your child in this most rewarding service experience.


       The aims of MYP projects are to encourage and enable students to:

    • participate in a sustained, self-directed inquiry within a global context
    • generate creative new insights and develop deeper understandings through an in-depth investigation
    • demonstrate the skills, attitudes, and knowledge required to complete a project over an extended period of time
    • communicate effectively in a variety of situations
    • demonstrate responsible action through, or as a result of, learning
    • appreciate the process of learning and take pride in their accomplishments


    To learning and growing in service to others!


    Mrs. Ursrey, Principal

    Mrs. Marr, Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Davidson, IB Coordinator


    • Car Riders and walkers are allowed into the cafeteria at 8:50.
    • The cafeteria is dismissed at 9:05 to head to class. 
    • Bus riders who are eating breakfast are dismissed off buses. Students are sent through the 700 building, straight up the back ramp into the cafeteria. Students may not exit the line and go to class.
    • Breakfast eaters (bus students) will bring their complete breakfast tray as a pass to class. We will announce when the cafeteria clears.
    • Bus students who are not eating breakfast will be dismissed last. These students will walk all the way up the ramp and report to classes.  These students will enter the 700 building by the door closest to the main building. 

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