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Our Mission

J. H. Workman Middle School students will become inquiring, compassionate, lifelong learners. Through a challenging and engaging academic program that encourages international-mindedness, our students will attain a broad and firm foundation of knowledge, cultural understanding and respect for diversity. 

Contact List

Principal: Traci Ursrey             494-5665 ext 223

Asst Principal:   Angie Gonzalez   494-5665 ext 224

School Secretary: Traci Sturgeon  494-5665 ext 232

Coordinator for IB MYP: Stephen Elting 494-5665 ext 250

Dean Houston 494-5665 ext 230

Coach Horne  494-5665 ext 274

Attendance: 494-5665 ext 234

To schedule a parent/teacher conference:

494-5665 ext. 227

Nancy Durre Literacy Coach

494-5665 ext 342

Julie Davidson Math and Science Instructional Coach

Title 1

Absence Form

Absence Verifcation Form

District policy states parents and guardians have three days from the date of an absence to provide an excuse.  Failure to complete this form will result in the absence, check-out, check-in, or tardy remaining unexcused.

Click here for access to the form.

Formulario de Verificación de Inasistencia

La política del Distrito establece que los padres de familia y guardians tienen tres días para proporcionar una ex cusa desde la fecha de inasistencia.  Si no se complete este formulario va a dar lugar a que la inasistencia , salida, entrada o tardanza permanezca sin excusa.

Haga clic aquí para ver el formulario.

2013-2014 SIP

Parents, Here is important information for you about Workman Middle School.

School Improvement Plan

Parent Satisfaction Survey

As you know, the Escambia County School District  is committed to becoming an excellent school district in the state of Florida. To continue to move forward in this journey to excellence, the district is continuing to gather data from stakeholders to determine where we are as a district and to set realistic, measurable goals for continuous improvement.

The parent satisfaction survey allows parents to provide input on parent engagement for each school.  Please communicate with your parents in the most effective way and ask them to complete this short survey (about 10 minutes). The survey can be accessed online here or on the District's home page.

A PDF copy of the survey in English and Spanish is attached, so that you can distribute paper copies as needed to encourage all parents to participate in the survey.

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Parent Satisfaction Survey in Spanish

IB logo.jpg

The Online application for students interested in attending J. H. Workman Middle  School and taking part in one of our 3 career academies or our IB Middle Years Programme is NOW CLOSED!

Successful applicants will be notified by mail from the district's School Choice office. If you have any questions please call our IB Middle Years Coordinator Mr. Elting at 494-5665 ext. 250 

Workman's Positive Behavior Support initiative

On behalf of the PBS committee, we want to recognize all teachers for making this program a continued success.  Workman's Positive Behavior Support initiative was recognized in a recent Pensacola News Journal article.  Please continue to support this process and keep up your efforts in making J.H. Workman Middle School the best it can be.  Attached is the PNJ article.



Updated Car Rider Procedures


Happy New Year! We appreciate your patience and cooperation as we continue to coordinate the safe drop-off and pick-up of our car riders. Please review the following Drop-Off (morning) and Pick-Up (afternoon) procedures for the safety and sanity of all of our students, parents and faculty. If you have questions or concerns please contact our school Resource Officer Mike Cyr at (850) 494-5665 EXT. 229 or by email at mcyr@escambia.k12.fl.us

As in years past, we are still asking parents to lineup facing south on Lanier Dr. in front of the school, and pull as far right as possible on Langley Ave in the east bound lane.  This year, the entrance to the school has changed from years past.  Instead of entering the parking lot on the far north end gate, continue south on Lanier and the new entrance will be just north of the current exit.  With the change in the entrance, please do not park on the City Right of Way in front of the school, you will be impeding both vehicle and pedestrian traffic and may be subject to a violation, fine or ticket. 


1. It is unlawful to text and drive! Talking on a cell phone while driving can also endanger our students

2. Please do not attempt to enter the gate coming North on Lanier Drive as you:

A. Show a lack of regard for those following the procedures and waiting in line on Langley Ave.

B. Block traffic for non-Workman drivers

C. Prevent cars from exiting the parking lot


***FOR Morning DRIVERS:

1. Please do not attempt to enter the gate coming North on Lanier Drive.

2. Do not enter campus before 8:40 a.m.

3. Drop-off students at the cafeteria doors only

4. Follow directions from Teachers or School Resource Officers

***FOR Afternoon DRIVERS: (Encourage your child to actively look for your vehicle and get in it to expedite the pick-up process.)

1. Please do not attempt to enter the gate coming North on Lanier Drive

2. Do not enter campus before 3:45 p.m.

3. Proceed safely in a double traffic line to cafeteria doors for student pick-up

4. Please remain in your vehicle and follow directions from teachers on duty or School Resource Officers

5. TURN RIGHT ONLY when you exit our school to ensure a safe and steady flow of traffic. Drivers can take Loyola Avenue directly across from school to return to Langley

6. Students must be picked up no later than 4:30 p.m.    

***FOR Walkers:

1. Please do not attempt to enter or exit the front gate 

2. Do not enter campus in the morning before 8:40 a.m.

3. In the afternoon, students will either exit at the gate on Langley Avenue or through the back doors of the cafeteria depending on where they live

4. NO student should cross the parking lot or driveway of the school during morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up 

5. Always follow directions from teachers on duty or School Resource Officers

Thanks again for your cooperation in following these procedures. 

Teacher of the Year!

Congratulations to Mrs. Leslie Cuyuch!  

   J. H. Workman's Teacher of the Year for 2013 -2014.

Ipad pics 776.jpgCongratulations!  Mrs. Cuyuch made the top 10 for the Escambia County Teacher of the Year. We are proud of you.

cheerleader flyer.jpg

2013-2014 Bell Schedule

Orange Day

First Bell 9:10

Compass 9:15 - 9:45

First Period 9:48 – 11:15

Second Period 11:18 – 1:04

          A Lunch 11:18 – 11:43

          B Lunch 11:45 – 12:10

          C Lunch 12:12 – 12:37

          D Lunch 12:39 – 1:04

Third Period 1:07 – 2:32

Fourth Period 2:35 – 4:00

Blue Day

First Bell 9:10

Compass 9:15 - 9:45

Fifth Period 9:48 – 11:15

Sixth Period 11:18 – 1:04

          A Lunch 11:18 – 11:43

          B Lunch 11:45 – 12:10

          C Lunch 12:12 – 12:37

          D Lunch 12:39 – 1:04

Seventh Period 1:07 – 2:32

Eighth Period 2:35 – 4:00

What is the International Baccalaureate Organization ?

School Accountability Update

Workman Middle Officially Recognized as an IB World School

Workman Middle Officially Recognized as an IB World School 

J. H. Workman will be the first middle school in the panhandle of Florida to offer this internationally-recognized framework of curriculum and global education; they join the prestigious ranks of only 892 authorized IB World Schools in 75 countries offering the Middle Years Programme.  Achieving this significant accomplishment is testament to the hard work and dedication of the administration, staff, teachers, students and parents through a lengthy and rigorous process. Teachers have collaborated to create an engaging and challenging curriculum that not only meets state and district requirements, but one that also connects students to the local and global community.  As a community of learners, Workman Middle students will become inquiring, compassionate, young adults with a broad and firm foundation of knowledge, cultural understanding, and respect for diversity. The requirements for IB authorization are the same for all schools around the world and are designed to ensure that schools are well-prepared to implement and continue the programme successfully.  Every IB school is subject to ongoing review and professional development, and must be re-authorized every four years.  

J. H. Workman Middle School is proud to be Pensacola’s first Middle Years Programme and a fully authorized IB World School.   The school looks forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the International Baccalaureate Organization.

IB Exit Interview Commendations

IB Exit Interview Commendations


  • Learner Profile permeates throughout the building.
  • School is committed to the principles and philosophies of IB.
  • School values the diversity of our population.


  • Governing body (school district) supportive of the programme and is willing to provide funding to sustain the programme.
  • School community (parents, faculty, staff, etc.) is very supportive of IB.  The Pensacola community is involved with our school and the IB philosophies we promote.
  • Principal, assistant principal, and IB coordinator have a good understanding of the programme, its philosophies and ideas.  They have built in accountability for each stakeholder.
  • Full time IB coordinator- commended for funding this position. 
  • Mr. Elting is doing an excellent job.  He has the respect of his colleagues and is the heart and soul of the programme.


  • Collaborative planning- excellent, could be a model for other schools.
  • Curriculum promotes the Learner Profile.
  • Provide adequate time for horizontal and vertical planning.


  • Student work is displayed prominently throughout the building.
  • Students are afforded the opportunity to work independently and collaboratively.
  • Students are responsible  for their own learning.

*The team spirit and camaraderie of the faculty and staff was overwhelmingly evident to the verification team.*


Today: 4/18/14